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Why Choose LV Plastic Surgery?

You are unique, and what you consider an ideal figure is personal. You may dream of having a more trim, athletic look, or know you would be happier with voluptuous curves. At LV Plastic Surgery, our goal is to help you achieve the perfect shape for you and provide you with gorgeous cosmetic surgery results at our Las Vegas office.

Never bargain shop for a plastic surgeon.

Bargain shopping – we love it. But never bargain shop when it comes to physical enhancement, whether you are planning a simple injectable or a surgical procedure. Your face and body will reveal the quality of the work performed – and you can be confident at LV Plastic Surgery your appearance is in the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon with an artist’s eye for balance and beauty.

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Anything is possible in our city.

Las Vegas is known for being an almost mythical place, where magic happens every day. At LV Plastic Surgery, we can make your dreams of a more beautiful face or body a reality. If you have always wished for more beautiful breasts, want to turn back the clock to reduce the signs of aging, or are seeking a perfect, defined, sculpted look – we do it all.

We never rush an aesthetic procedure or use an assembly line approach. You are you, and we work closely with you to enhance your natural beauty. From surgical to non-surgical treatments, we offer the full spectrum of enhancements to help you achieve the look you envision. You deserve to have the body you want, the facial structure you want, and the total look that suits you – we can make the magic happen.

An image of beauty.

Your body and face are a canvas, with features you love – and those you may wish were different. We are here to bring out the best in your natural beauty, and create an alluring look that brings you joy, confidence, and face, breasts, or body that reflects your personal vision of beauty.


Your breasts are a singularly feminine feature, bringing shape and attraction to your figure. If you are one of the countless women that dream of having more beautiful breasts – we are here to help you reinvent yourself.

Whether you dream of larger, rounded, plump breasts, or need to restore your breasts so they are once again youthful and appealing, or need to reduce and reshape your breasts, we can make your dreams come true. We know that this is an important journey for you – and we take all the time needed to plan and perform your custom breast enhancement surgery and give you the body you wanted – at last.

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Few women were born with the perfect body – and even the most dedicated diet and exercise program may not be enough. At LV Plastic Surgery, we offer both surgical and non-surgical body sculpting procedures. Why not have the figure you want, free from excess fat, sculpted, firm and beautiful? Modern aesthetic technology makes it all possible.

Your body is a calling card, revealing much about you – why not have it reflect your best qualities, looking firm, fresh, and sculpted? Imagine being able to wear tight, revealing clothing and feeling proud about how you look? We can help you have the body you want, at last.

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Attractive, balanced, and defined facial features are alluring, and bring greater pleasure to your life. Whether you are struggling with the signs of age, or want to alter some aspect of your facial structure, you can trust the advanced surgical skills of Dr. Brian J. Parker. He brings true artistry to facial enhancement, whether a facelift, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, ear surgery, or a brow lift.

A facial surgery must be performed with great delicacy and meticulous care. Dr. Parker is an acclaimed surgeon who is recognized for his ability to create exceptional outcomes in facial surgery. Visit with us for a consultation about what you hope to achieve.

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