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Beautifully Slim And Tone The Torso With Liposuction In Las Vegas

Liposuction involves the removal of fat by small tubes, or cannulas, attached to a vacuum aspiration device. Only fat in the subcutaneous layers are accessible for liposuction. Patients with more deeply lodged fat in the abdomen are not candidates for our liposuction in Las Vegas but must resort to dieting and exercise for this visceral fat loss. Liposuction is not a substitute for proper diet and exercise. Once the fat cells are removed, your net fat cell number is reduced for the long term.

What Areas of the Body can be Treated with Liposuction?

Any area of the body with fatty deposits can be slimmed with a custom liposuction treatment, including:

  • Abs
  • Hips
  • Flanks
  • Love handles
  • Thighs
  • Upper arms
  • Chest
  • Back

Best Liposuction Doctor in Las Vegas: Dr. Parker

Considered among the best liposuction doctors serving in Las Vegas, Dr. Parker is a consummate veteran of body sculpting procedures and can is known to create elegant, nuanced and natural-looking results that exceed your expectations.

What Should I Expect in Liposuction Recovery?

After your liposuction is completed, you will need time to recover. A typical recovery time is about four to six weeks however swelling will completely subside in around two months. You will be wearing a compression garment for the first four weeks post-surgery. There is no limit to our post-operative care, and you will always see Dr. Parker, who is available 24/7 if needed. It is important to understand that liposuction is not a skin-tightening procedure, and if your skin has excessive laxity, you may require a skin-tightening procedure.

Will I Have Scars?

The incision sites are about 8mm long, very small, are carefully placed to be hidden, and will fade to being almost impossible to see. The swelling takes about two months to fully subside. You will be wearing a compression garment for about one month.

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