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Contouring The Neck With Liposuction For A More Youthful Profile.

The neck is the feature that ages in a discouraging way. In addition to skin laxity, your upper neck and under chin area stores unwanted fat in the form of a double chin, which can give the appearance of heaviness even for thinner, physically fit people. A double chin has a negative impact on your profile, drawing attention away from your most attractive features.

Stubborn Chin Fat

This stubborn submental fat is virtually impossible to get rid of with diet and exercise alone. It is often the result of genetics and aging. In the past, a person had to accept inheriting a double chin – but modern aesthetic technology makes it possible to look younger and more attractive by removing troublesome neck fat with gentle liposuction.

Why Have Neck Liposuction?

Many people are genetically programmed to develop fatty deposits beneath the chin and on the upper neck. This situation leads to the following problems:

  • You appear older due to neck and chin fat
  • Your jawline loses definition
  • You have a double chin
  • You look as if you are overweight when you are slim due to neck fat

Who Is A Good Candidate For Neck Liposuction?

If you are suffering from localized fat in the chin and neck, liposuction may be an ideal solution for your needs. Even if you have skin laxity in the neck, you may benefit from liposuction. Dr. Parker suggests that his neck liposuction clients be in good health, both physically and emotionally, and be suffering from no major medical issues that would impede the procedure.

It is important that you quit smoking for at least six weeks before neck liposuction as smoking impedes healing and can lead to excessive bruising or bleeding. You should have realistic expectations for improvement rather than perfection, all of which will be covered in your confidential consultation with Dr. Parker in Las Vegas.

Recovery from Neck Liposuction

The procedure of removing excess fat from under the chin and upper neck, which is frequently performed along with a facelift, requires some recovery time, which includes:

  • You will wear a compression band for one to two weeks.
  • Scars from the incisions are very small, about 8mm in size at the base of your ear, where they will be invisible to the eye once healed.
  • Bruising subsides in one to two weeks.
  • Any residual swelling disappears in about six weeks or slightly longer, but your newly-sculpted profile will be evident sooner.

How Can I Move Forward With Neck Liposuction?

If you are in the Las Vegas area and feel it is time to finally be free of an unsightly double chin, please contact Dr. Parker today to arrange a free consultation. During this initial session, the doctor will perform a physical exam, as well as a detailed review of your medical and surgical history and discuss your aesthetic concerns.

Our Process: Concierge-Style Service for Neck Liposuction

We offer patient-centered services, which include:

  • You will always see Dr. Parker for your free consultation, with no time limits.
  • You will meet with our Patient Care Coordinator to review photos and discuss cost of treatment and financing.
  • We have no limit on post-operative care, and you will always be seen by Dr. Parker.
  • We are available for calls 24/7.

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