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Refine And Reshape The Nose With A Strategic Las Vegas Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is surgery that reshapes the nose for aesthetic or medical reasons. The surgery is done by creating small incisions and manipulating the soft tissue to arrive at the desired size and shape.

Creating a Balance and Harmony in Your Facial Features: Rhinoplasty

When considering rhinoplasty, your goal should be improvement and not to achieve perfection. Rhinoplasty offers many variations in nose shape, size, change in shape of the tip or bridge, narrowing of the nostrils or change in the angle between the nose and upper lip.

Dr. Parker is very sensitive to his patients who are unhappy with their noses and is dedicated to creating natural-looking results that preserve your identity and enhance your features. Among both his patients and his peers, Dr. Parker in known for offering among the best rhinoplasty Las Vegas can lay claim to.

Our Rhinoplasty Services: We Cater to Your Needs.

Our professional process was built around providing the most positive patient experience, from start to finish. We offer the following to those who are considering undergoing our rhinoplasty in Las Vegas:

  • Free consultation.
  • No time limit in your consultation. You won’t be rushed.
  • Your consultation may take from one to one and a half hours to complete.
  • You will meet with Dr. Parker in your consultation – not an assistance. He will review your medical history, examines patient, discuss the procedure, and go over the risks and benefits.
  • You will meet with our friendly Patient Care Coordinator to review photos and discuss costs and financing options.
  • We do not put a limit on post-operative care, all of which is performed by Dr. Parker.
  • We are available for calls seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

What is the Rhinoplasty Recovery?

A rhinoplasty is a very delicate, involved procedure and requires several hours to complete. As each procedure is customized, the time in surgery will vary. Recovery involves the following:

  • You will wear a splint on your nose week and packing in nose for 24 hours to protect your new nose.
  • The incision is at the base of your nose in the columella – the thin strip of tissue between the nostrils and will be invisible to the eye once your incision heals.
  • Any facial bruising subsides in about two to three weeks. Bruising typically appears around the eyes.
  • The swelling will subside in about four weeks.
  • Swelling of surrounding tissue disappears in two to three weeks.
  • Full recovery is expected in about four weeks, depending upon your individual healing rate.

During your recovery, you must not bend over, and will be required to keep your head elevated, while awake and during sleep hours. Any discomfort is easily managed with pain medication.

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