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Reshaping the body after massive weight loss

Losing weight is an exhilarating and exciting process, but it is frustrating to discover that there is still more work to be done cosmetically if you are left with excess hanging skin and stretch marks. Unfortunately, no amount of dieting and exercise can correct skin laxity issues, and only a surgical intervention will fully restore your body.

Custom Body Contouring Surgery

Dr. Parker is adept at helping his weight loss clients to get their lives back on track with a customized series of surgeries that usually includes a tummy tuck, skin tightening, arm lift, breast augmentation, breast lift, a body lift or a thigh lift. The exact combination of treatments will be discussed during your consultation.

Body Contouring after Weight Loss at LV Plastic Surgery and Med Spa

Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)

A tummy tuck recontours the abdomen, tightening the six-pack muscles and trimming excess skin and unwanted fat. It is performed as a full tummy tuck, with a scar hidden in the pubic crease, or as a mini tummy tuck to treat the area specifically below the navel.

Arm lift (Brachioplasty)

An arm lift corrects skin laxity in the under portion of the upper arms, contouring them for a sleeker, more youthful appearance. An arm lift can help to boost your body image and help you achieve a better fit in clothing.

Thigh lift

Trim, tone and reshape the thighs with a thigh lift. This procedure is appropriate for both the inner and the outer thighs and can help create a more proportionate, balanced aesthetic in the upper legs.

Body lift

A body lift is a multifaceted procedure aimed at solving the problem of low-hanging, chaffing skin on the torso and in the groin. The treatment targets the back, the stomach and the pelvis, removing excess skin that can cause irritation, not to mention an unsightly silhouette.

Breast surgery (for women)

A breast lift is almost always needed after massive weight loss surgery and involves elevating the breasts along with the nipples and areolar complex to a perkier, more youthful position. In addition, Dr. Parker may suggest breast implants to create a fuller profile and boost self-confidence. If a breast reduction is needed, Dr. Parker will remove excess skin and fat from the breasts, adjusting their proportions for a more harmonious, balanced look.

Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia treatment for men)

This condition occurs when the male breasts are enlarged, which can cause embarrassment and self-consciousness, especially in the locker room, at the pool or on the beach. Gynecomastia treatment helps to slim, tone and streamline the chest for a more traditionally masculine aesthetic.

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