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Undergoing scar revision with Dr. Parker can give you a new lease on life

As the largest organ in the body, the skin does an incredible job of protecting us against infection, regulating our temperature and allowing us to feel the world around us as sensation.

As part of its defense mechanism, the skin will form scars when it is injured. Scars can be minor and unnoticeable, or they can be disfiguring and require a cosmetic intervention.

Factors such as age, heredity and skin type all play a role in determining the degree to which the scar forms, as does the scar’s depth, size and placement.

Dr. Parker is dedicated to reducing the appearance of scars as much as is possible using a wide range of innovative treatments and the most cutting edge technology on the market. Scar revision can help reestablish lost function in the scar area, and can improve the aesthetics of a scar caused by injury, trauma, surgery or a wound.

The different types of scars include:

  • Hypertrophic scars
  • Keloid scars
  • Irregular surface scars
  • Contractures

Who is a good candidate for scar revision?

It is important to understand that a scar can never be completely removed, but can be improved. Therefore, clients should have realistic expectations for their scar removal. Scar revision can relocate, minimize or disguise a scar.

Scar revision may be appropriate if…

  • You are bothered by how your scar looks
  • You are in good health, both physically and emotionally
  • You are a non-smoker
  • You have no major medical issues that might impede treatment
  • You have undergone a consultation with Dr. Parker in Las Vegas
  • You are willing to follow Dr. Parker’s instructions before and after treatment

Details of the scar revision procedure

During scar revision, Dr. Parker will first numb your skin using a topical or general anesthetic, or IV sedation, so you will be completely at ease and comfortable. The choice in anesthesia will depend on the complexity of the removal approach.

Among the least invasive methods of scar removal are the use of gels, tapes or compression methods. Surface treatments include chemical peels, laser therapy, dermabrasion and skin bleaching, while injectable treatments can help level out skin that suffers from depressions and troughs.

Finally, surgery is always an option for scar revision. With deep scars, Dr. Parker may elect to use excision, skin grafting or a tissue expander. These techniques may be used in tandem with less invasive methods to achieve comprehensive results.

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