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Piece of mind and increased confidence with mole removal

While moles have sometimes defined certain celebrities’ beauty through their uniqueness and novelty, many adults find them less than attractive and seek out treatment to remove them.

Moles can be either flat or raised, and are usually brown or black, varying in shape and texture.

While most moles are benign, if a mole begins to itch, bleed, change color or enlarge, then it should definitely be examined by a physician.

Mole removal is performed by surgical excision. Dr. Parker will either cut beneath or around the mole to remove it, carefully minimizing scarring. The mole is then analyzed to ensure it is not cancerous.

Who is a good candidate for mole removal?

  • You are concerned your mole might be cancerous
  • You are unhappy with the placement or position of your mole
  • You simply don’t like how your mole looks
  • Your mole is distracting and draws attention from more attractive features
  • Your mole has recently changed shape, size or color
  • Your mole makes you feel self-conscious or embarrassed
  • Your mole interferes with your clothing or jewelry
  • Your mole causes discomfort

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